Logistics, Monitoring,& Accountability
Maximizing all state and federal funds
Assisting school & districts with the monitoring of federal & state programs
Assisting to create a consolidated needs improvement plan for schools & districts.
Assisting to create district calendars
Assisting to create master schedules that will include daily remediation, intervention, and enrichment time for individual students

Building alternative funding sources for supplements and incentives to recruit and to retain hard to staff districts and schools
Assisting in the financial needs of the employees to leverage retirement
Providing ongoing embedded professional learning
Mentoring new principals and teachers
Providing counseling services
Encouraging and supporting innovative curriculum and teaching methodologies that focus on educational effectiveness
Increasing the attendance rates of faculty, staff, and students
Providing wellness opportunities for employees
Providing day care assistance for district employees

Strategic Planning
Creating schedules to monitor instruction and activities
Assisting to create SMART goals to measure the effectiveness of the Continuous Improvement Plan
Assisting with AdvancEd Accreditation
Assisting to finding educational programs to create and monitor assessments

Community & Stakeholders
Being flexible, adaptable and responsive to changing community needs
Working in partnership with the school districts and schools to understand culture, climate, and educational priorities
Bringing motivational speakers to encourage and to inspire the students and the community
Increasing parental and community support for the district and the school

Finding mentors for students
Helping to increase CCRPI score
Working with schools to write and obtain National Blue Ribbon School status
Providing continual improvement and organizational renewal through on-going self-assessment, planning, and board development
Operating ethically, with the utmost professionalism and integrity, and with clarity, transparency and accountability in all that we do within the organization and in the community
Eliminating the need and the use of services from The PRIORITY Consultant Group